1957 panel that i would....

1957 panel that i would like to be educated on. I am fairly new 1 year to HI and always like to learn!

  1. I am not sure where the main throw is.
  2. I am not sure the how many amp panel this is.
  3. Is the one a triple tap on the right?
    Tell me anything else. I welcome anyone that can tell me about these things. Soaking it up.

Annette 106 (Small).jpg

Annette 109 (Small).jpg

Annette 108 (Small).jpg

Need better pix

It is a main lug only panel, the main disconnect is probably located at the service entrance in the form of a knife switch with two cartridge fuses, or, if the service has been upgraded, it will have a main breaker in the upgraded panel.

Sure looks like a triple tap. Could be easily fixed though. Pushmatics are not prone to failure as far as I know, and new breakers are still available.

I agree with Brian except for the problems associated with pushmatics. Their problems are mostly associated with breakers “sticking” or actually breaking.

There are replacement breakers in production, as Brian mentioned, but these systems are old and commonly seen with rubber insulated, cloth covered conductors which have their own problems.

What is that green wire (EGC) terminated on the grounded conductor (neutral) terminal in the SUBPANEL used for? 408.41

Gotcha Joe!
Thanks for everyones help.

Got some double lugged “Grounded” conductors as well in the picture…Main lug panel…agree with Brian in that you should see a disconnect ahead of this and I also see another copper EGC as well as that green one on the “grounded” buss bar…as joe stated…a no-no in a “Remote Distribution Panel”…

So what you are saying is i should treat this panel as a sub panel?
So basically not neut and ground on same buss or in this case screw.
I did see the double and triple tap. on the breakers.


Yes, if you are not able to locate a Main Disconnection Switch in the panel shown we can only assume it is located at the meter cab or at a point closer to the point of enterance of the Service Conductors.

Now...we are not saying it is...but it should be....and thus the problem sometimes with pictures.