Are the techs getting anywhere with the iPhone software?

Which techs are you referring to?

It is fully functional.
Oops HG… Never mind.

The Homegauge iPhone software writers

We submitted to the iTunes store last Thursday a beta that has all known bugs corrected except one ( don’t use smart word as a picture label as it crashes). So whenever the iTunes store releases it which could be today or next week??? It’s still a beta but should be ready for anyone willing to test it as a beta tester. We are not publicly going to announce it until February. Those that do not consider themselves a beta capable tester (in other words it may crash again somewhere we haven’t found yet) should wait.

Hey Bob,
I thought you would be at the HIP Forum

I save my report several times and it auto saves and I still lost several photos. I like everything thing it is doing for my business though and look forward to the update.

Sometimes when you take a picture and hit save…it may say that it didn’t take…if you weren’t looking at it then you might miss that.

Thanks though for your patience! I can’t wait myself.

Hey Russell,

I think he’s gonna make the switch to HG. Taking 2-3 hours to complete an inspection report is wearing him out.
He’s also tired of lying about the batch upload speed of his copycat software.
The revealing video has swayed his opinion and he isn’t running his mouth anymore.

Bored from lack of software issues at HIP as all the cranks are over here now.
Just getting my kicks… :twisted:

the iPhone companion software is in the app store, it working pretty good after using it for a few minutes. I even installed it on the iPad mini. :slight_smile:

It’s still considered a beta so everyone should do a few mock inspections around the house. If you find bugs, please put them here and tell us what device you were using. Be sure and send the bug info if you get prompted from the device.

Android users waiting on the iPhone release can switch their license from one device to the other.

Remember, if you can’t deal with a crash then wait on the brave Beta testers. Give it a couple of weeks for them to do their thing.

Some of our guys have found some minor things so far…listed them at the HG Forums.


I never had to put in my license# in the app is that a problem.

The HGC license goes in the desktop at the menu line under Devices.

Yea, if he continues to say we can’t batch we can just keep showing him the link to the video.

Just checking in to ask if anyone has found any bugs with our ios release of the HomeGauge Companion?

So far no reported crashes just a few bugs already sent to the developer.

Is anyone conducting reports with the new update for home gauge in the field. I would like to try it this week as I have done some sample reports with no problems, but don’t want too loose all photos or work that was done out in the field when I get to the office

Bugs found on the latest release.

  • Videos do not convert, just get the converting black screen.

  • Preset excluded and or selected items in the template are not transferred over.

  • Repair/ Replace Items show abc blue check instead of red at first and then switch.

  • SwiftKey keyboard sometimes will not show, but this may be a SwiftKey issue.

  • Sections do not display blue check indicating completed when done.

  • App will still random crash, not bad, just once in a while only slightly more frequent than the Android version.