Mobile photos

I just started using mobile last week, on a Ipad mini2. Only about half of the photos are showing up as the whole photo. The others only show about half of the photo, with the bottom only showing solid grey.

Any ideas?

Make sure sure you’ve updated your iOS version under Apple’s Settings menu. Then make sure you have the latest HIP Mobile and reboot your device. If you still have issues let me know and I’ll send you the latest beta. We used to see that with low memory issues on the device but I haven’t seen it in quite awhile.

The latest version of software iOS 9.3.2 is up to date. I just purchased the IPad and HIP Mobile last week.

Send me a private message with the email address you use on iTunes.

Message sent.

Thanks, Dom


I have not seen anything for the beta testing. Is there a fix for the photos until I receive that?


Sorry Jeff, I missed that private message. I just added you. You should get an email shortly.

I will look for it.

Dominic got me all fixed up, while he was on his honeymoon.

How is that for customer service???

Are you taking the photos with the iPhone camera, and then importing then into HIP? I have this problem when using the native camera, but don’t when I use a different camera app. Did Dom get you fixed using the native camera?

Dom got me all fixed up.

I take my photos with the iPhone camera app and/or iBlazer app. iBlazer is a detachable LED flash. I then load them into HIP.

When I was doing inspections for FEMA, I was taught to take photos in camera mode and then pull the photos from the gallery into the software program. That way, you always have a backup if for whatever reason you loose them in the report.