2 Homeowners in Ohio ripped off, lied to, Everdry waterproofing

$11,000 and $17,000 interior drainage systems and… lol, ‘EASY BREATHE’, yeah sure, easily breathe yummy mold, sure okay

Both need exterior waterproofing done CORRECTLY

1 - 2 years go by, these people keep leaking, mold… and pretty much Everdry ignores them, same old shtt

2nd homeowner, Everdry finally did something, slapped carbon fiber straps on basement wall lol, and so the carbon fiber straps did NOT remove, lessen, reduce the exterior lateral pressure acting upon the wall(s) and there are OPEN OPEN OPEN ext-cracks, cracked parging in block walls… THAT is where the water 1st gets into the block walls and pretty often causes some mold and efflorescence on inside blocks