Everdry lied to homeowner (can ya believe it) in OHIO

Homeowners NEVER had a drop of water in basement in years they lived there n still got ripped off $16,000 ish for an INT pathetic drainage system
They were told they had a MOLD problem which led to…

Restoration service contractor in Ohio–
'It is my understand that Everdry sold homeowners a $16,000 waterproofing job, homeowners had 2 cracks only poured walls, one a shrinkage crack, other a little bigger. Everdry told them that if these cracks weren’t fixed soon it could cost $36–50,000 to fix foundation later. Homeowners only needed 1 crack fixed"

Home inspector Ohio
"I visited the property 2018 at request of attorney, a contractor had been working in the basement, they disconnected the sump pump and failed to reconnect it and homeowners discovered water in basement.

Homeowner hired Everdry after having discussions with them about mold possibility in basement and was then convinced she needed an interior drainage system.

The house is relatively new, i told her most houses of similar age already have interior drainage system and that it would be unusual for them to fail in such short time.

We walked the perimeter of basement, i could find no signs of chronic water problems. The contractor had presented as evidence of a chronic water problem to homeowners, stains on floor and the results of an on-site mold test. I disagreed with the contractors assessment. The stains on floor could have caused by a previous sump pump failure, loss of power.

My obervations led me to conclude that no chronic water problem existed that would require replacing the interior drainage system.I am not a mold expert but the testing method used by Everdry does not comport with any methods i am familiar with"

It is my opinion there was no evidence to support a need for a new interior drainage system

Signed, Home inspector

Uncle Marky has been in contact w/homeowner, dig? I sure feel for the homeowner, she simply wanted the truth, sheesh, they have a growing family and don’t have thousands $ to toss out the damn window

This is just more of the usual BS that Everdry and many others pull on homeowners, they lie, cheat, scam people.

Homeowners never had water, hellllo?

They have 2 cracks in walls, don’t leak, one is shrinkage crack so it may not penetrate through the dang wall to allow water in, that could cause a lil mold on wall in same area, pffft.

Peeps, lol you really need to stop going to those home shows, need to HANG UP when these moron co’s call your house, slam the phone down, it feels good i’m telling ya. lol

Need to stop blindly believing these crooks! Don’t be in such a rush if you do get water in, these companies LOVE that shtt! Get you all excited n worried about things that aren’t true! smfh

Homeowner told my old azz that the MAIN reasons they hiried Ever-nitwits is because the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU gives them an A rating, looLOlOlollllllllllllllllllllllll

Last i checked on Everdry Toledo, they had around 22 homeowner complaints in the last 3 years that… the BBB actually lists, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more! (and MORE prior to last 3 yrs peeps hello)

Told ya’s n showed ya’s like 15 or so years ago right here on Nachi… all the crooked shtt that goes on, inclduing the BBB and PAID $$$$ BBB members, shady shtt. I took a lot of time, for free g dammmittt, n posted loooooong lists of mostly interior basement drainage co’s and the complaints and the shady sht is not only between BBB and these shttball co’s.

These companies also will pay ‘some’ home inspectors, city inspectors etc to direct, to sway, to recommend to unknowing homeowners to call these quack—ass- crooked INT cos, then add some in the media who help these biiitches and some wonder why i ‘lose it’ on a HI message board n why i gotta do 29 lbs of coke everyday???

Just because some of these INT system co’s have, ahhhhhhhhhem, ‘won’ the BBB"s torch ‘me’ award doesn’t mean dog shtt to me, doesn’t mean they are honest, doesn’t mean they won’t rip YOU off!


let’s see, Everdry Toledo says they won BBB torch award, Make a Wish Spirit award, The Toledo Blade Top workplaces award, etc… and? So? You could have won 5 million awards, does that mean they are honest, experienced and are looking out for YOUR best interests?
Not to my balding azz, shtt, until they win the, Uncle Bubba–Milk award, they ain’t won shtt.

Come on, Mark. They’re honest, right?..you deal killer you. :roll_eyes: LOL

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a salesman is a salesman is a salesmen and that’s what they hire… hard pressure …tell you anything to get a sale salesman oh yeah and a few day workers to trash Your house and tear up your basement…


I wonder if this could be a job for a certified Ohio electrical safety inspector. Just sayin’