Please watch these 2 short videos, an interior basement system was installed that cost boo koo bucks $


Grosse Pointe Woods, sue these chumps for incompetence, negligence and fraud

Mold, efflorescence, it leaks, it’s friggin obvious what this lady’s problems WERE and still are, exterior cracks n cracked parging block walls

They installed the junk interior drainage system along 2 + walls inside, they shoulda 'n coulda done what was right for the lady and the right thing for the leaky basement and walls, exterior waterproofing. But nooo, self-serving twats gotta snatch as much money outta people as possible, they do what is best $ for them, not the homeowner.

longer video, some of the back wall and front wall again, was paneling UP against walls

:20— end of video

if you don’t ‘stop’ the water then you won’t stop-prevent mold, efflorescence and some cracks may widen, some blocks may deteriorate and what about allowing more radon gas into the basement

Dan - O was gonna take care of it BUT too many beers on the way

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hahaHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Very friggin funny, damn good stuff Goldie-dude