20 story apt. builting wind mit.

how do we do a wind mit. on a 20 story apt. builting. want to see the building check out google maps @ 3507 bayshore blvd. tampa fl. HELP!

I could be off here but do it by the book. Roof connections, openings etc etc. Ask lots of questions ask to see all the code docs.
Lots of photos. Same same only bigger.
Good Luck!

I just finished up a 30 unit building in St Pete let me know if you need a hand.

Use this form —http://www.skyetec.com/inspector-downloads/Citizens%20MIT%20Type%20II%20&%20III%20Form_052008.pdf

this form is suppose to be used for the entire building & any unit owners.

If you need help fillin git out let me know

Home inspectors, licensed or not cannot sign off on the Type II & III Form.

yuppers, different form with different requirements.

Thank You for your help, Your so RIGHT! in checking this out, based on what you said,We can’t sign off on this inspection ! you can find this report on citiz. form page.
Again thank you so much!