2009 Website of the Year discussions

To all fellow members:

The Awards Committee will be choosing only 1 of the top 12 finalists for website of the year from the 12 monthly winners. The recipient of this award receives a Lifetime Membership to iNACHI.

We are asking for your participation in this selection process through constructive criticism and discussions of the 12 finalists. We are asking the 12 finalists to submit their top 3 key words or phrases to the awards committee as this will be one of several deciding factors for the “Top Dog” of websites.

Additional factors the committee will be reviewing are:
****Overall Appearance **
**Site Navigability **
**Quality of Content **
**Site Management and Communications **
**Logo Supportiveness in promotional efforts for the InterNACHI Association **

****And finally, we will also be utilizing http://websitegrader.com to assist in “grading” the top 12 finalists.

The Awards Committee has set a deadline for key word/phrase submission for 11:59pm DECEMBER 10th, 2009

Submissions not received by this date will be automatically disqualified from the final 12.

The following are our finalists for this award:

Wow, great job guys! Good luck.

I am not sure website grader is the best tool. For example, it says that I do not have any images on my site, yet I do have them and they have alt text attached to them. It also says that my blog does not have keywords or descriptions, when it does. Just my opinion.

Also, websitegrader does not always check the same pages on a site, so the scores can have a large variation. I just checked my site twice without making any changes to the site and the first score was a 76 and the second score was a 98. What accounts for this?

On the first check the grader checked some of the links that are on my site and lowered my grade because the some of the links did not have all the info such as a description, well when you exchange links, some guys do not supply that information. It also said my blog did not have keywords and description, but it does. Said I have no images, but I do.

On the second check, it did not look at those pages, so my score was higher. It said I do have images this time with the alt text. It seems that using this tool when building a site is a good idea, I do not believe it is a good tool to decide best websites. There grading system is arbitrary.

:roll:Wow i have to agree my site got a 30 !! i thought at least a 50! bad tool to check websites.

I agree Micheal & John!

I just Google home inspector, gatineau and my site was first on the list…yet website grader rated my site only 24…

Beside, it doesn’t recognize French words…

Hubspot basically wants to have your business making changes to your site for a FEE—Negative!!!—:twisted:

Sign out of Google and do a search. You will see a difference. Do you come up #1 after you sign out?

If you click the check-box at the bottom and give them your email address so they can sell you **** you rank MUCH higher in their eyes----:smiley:

Un-check the item at the bottom and you’ll score MUCH lower—:smiley:


I already received a SPAM email from Hubspot trying to SELL ****


Not any one of the the posted criteria or tools will become THE deciding factor for the recipient of this award. Hence why we will be utilizing more than just one factor. It won’t be scientific and nothing is perfect, but we are trying to remove bias from hosting, popularity, “pretty-ness”, etc.

The awards committee will be utilizing some more specific criteria to help us arrive at a decision. We will not disclose the specific criteria in order to keep this fair, impartial, and prevent “sudden last minute editing” by the participants.

Again we encourage your open discussion for all to learn and participate! :slight_smile:

Reading is Fun Duh Mental William… :wink:

Do we have a result yet? Or did I miss it in another thread somewhere?

Over here Mike;