203K draw inspections

Homeowner/contractor request a draw inspection for work that is partially finished or 100%. EXAMPLE: work that is behind partition walls, such as insulation and any other work that is not visible. How can a draw inspector certify on the HUD’s draw request form 9746A that work not visible has been completed in a workmanlike manner.

Other examples:A roof that has been completely installed how can the inspector certify that any damaged decking was replaced, felt etc. certify that it has been installed in a workmanlike manner. These examples are one’s that do not require a municipal permit.
I contacted HUD resource center and answers were" you cant" and “when you were certified 20 years ago was this topic discussed”. I currently have a previous homeowner complaining that she just found out that no insulation was installed in her closet wall per the Work write up. Any suggestions? Thanks