220v outlet in kitchen assistance needed

Found a 220v outlet in the kitchne area of this home. Not sure of its use or why it would even be there. Never seen one like this before.
Anyone ever seen one of these before and why it would be in the kitchen?


It appears to be a European receptacle except I don’t see any ground connections. ???

Type C

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/26/C_plug.jpg/200px-C_plug.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/skins/common/images/magnify-clip.png
CEE 7/16 plug and socket

If you tested it for voltage ,just report as Mike mentioned or say specialty outlet and let them know they may need to change the recepticle if they wish 240 at that location.

Not behind where a stove would go was it?

Only in Canada eh

No this outlet was independant of the stove. Thought at first it may have been for a portable air conditioner unit but didn’t seem right. This is in a 2005 built home. May have been a special order.

It is a European style. Very common there. I installed one in our kitchen because we brought back several European appliances we bought when we lived there. They work fine but I’d guess local code people would have a problem with them.

I believe this is what may have happened here as well. But it is proffessionally installed and has been through a final city electric inspection as approved with the system. I have contacted my clients and they are really impressed with how quickly I was able to get this info. Thanks guys so much.
Have a great and successful 2009.

Michael .,

There is a correct verison of european receptale with grounding slot included


Right now I am in Paris France at the moment


Yes, It’s European and looks good.


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So far, no one has mentioned the fact that although this receptacle may be installed very safely, and may in fact be safe, there’s no legal way to install that receptacle in the US.

Original Poster is in Canada.:mrgreen:

Agreed, as it would not carry any accepted CSA or ULc stamp of approval.

:mrgreen: Fair enough. Missed that.