220 Outlet in kitchen?

Why would there be a 220 outlet in the kitchen?

Read this …
220v outlet in kitchen assistance needed

Except that the OP posted a photo of a 14-30R receptacle, not a Canadian device.

Maybe they had a clothes dryer in the kitchen? A ceramic kiln? Arc welder?

I’m with Roy on this one.

I have had customers that have purchased appliances from Europe that needed a special connection.

It looks like my Dryer outlet.

Yep. That’s a 240v clothes dryer receptacle. I think they became standard in 1996.

Maybe the laundry area used to be there? Certainly not a typical location for such a receptacle.

I almost put one in during my remodel. I have a commercial meat grinder that uses 240v. :roll:

Man. Imagine the toaster you could run off that sucker!

The other electrical items do not look like they were professionally done. It may have been a handyman just trying not to move anything. It may have been from whatever the area was used for before.