3 cheers for Paul

I would like to thank Paul and Tom for putting together and pulling off a great electrical training class on the 22nd.

I must say that I felt really close to the group that was there (typed with a chuckle).

The session was dynamic, good points made and a good time had.

Thanx again Paul and Tom.

Thank you Donald…electrical is a TOUGH topic and sometimes things can get real technical…Great job to you all for attending and making it fun for me to teach.

I attended the electrical class in Overland Park, KS today. It was a great class.

Thank you Paul and Tom.

Thanks Buck…was a pleasure to meet you fella and my phone and e-mail is always open to you my friend if you ever need any assistance.

Paul thanks for the informative class yesterday in Chicago, I must say it was one of the better classes I’ve been to. The wife and I were looking at new homes today and I have to tel l you I was looking for the BONDING around the water meter, yep it was there. I see mostly wells so it was nice to see what I had just learned. By the way did they post the list from the test,if so I haven’t found it.