Thank You Paul A.

I just got home from the “Electrical inspection for home inspectors” seminar that was taught by our “Electrical Guru” Paul Abernathy.

It was quite simply an outstanding presentation! Clear concise information on every aspect that he had time to cover.

It was a pleasure meeting you as well as all the HI’s that attended the seminar.

Thank you for taking the time to help make all of us better HI’s. I do have one request though … please find a more suitable “carrying case” for that torque wrench, you lose any weight and you may lose it. :shock: :wink:

I don’t know anything about the “torque wrench” but I did attend his course in Nashville today. I was worried that it would be a little boring due to me having 13 years experience.

It was not at all, Paul did an excellent job of teaching and keeping the interest of the people there. He was informative, interesting and I would encourage anyone to attend one of his teachings. It was a great pleasure to meet him and attend the seminar, awesome job Paul.

Thanks Guys…the pleasure was all mine…YOU GUYS are simply awesome. Ben the torque wrench thing was in PA and it was a FUNNY thing…

I was kinda FUNNY in PA…I got SICK that night by eating some RIBS in PA and well…halfway funny in TN and by the time I got to KS…I MADE myself be funny…lol…electricity is a TOUGH subject in such a little time BUT I can guarantee we GOT more covered in the hours we had…and me being LONG winded and not wanted to let you guys take a break…

Anyway…all i can say is…all of you are so awesome and NACHI should be PROUD to have you all…

Would you believe this…some people are simply so upset when they see someone actually LIKE something a person does…they end up giving me this:

A negative green box…man we live in a SAD world of envy…not sure why educators even try…screw em…freakin children.


Just gave you Rep. to make up for the negative!!

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to pabernathy again.

Thanks again Paul … hopefully the powers that be make the electrical seminar two days soon… there is only so much you can cover in an 8 hour span.

thanks guys…its not really about the greenies really…just SAD this board is coming to this…people doing stuff for spite…just sad.

Thanks guys…rekindled faith is a bite of reality:)

Fact is…I agree Chris but sadly most will not pay for the cost for two days…fact is we cover more stuff in that 8 hours than you will probably get ( well I know this for a fact ) from schools like ITA and others in a week…hope to come back to see you again soon as I like to change up the course and bring in new things each time.

Paul, keep your head up and do what you do! You do it well my friend,.

As far as people doing things for spite … the ignore feature is a beautiful thing :wink: IMO

I look forward to your next visit … I for one will be a regular attendee.

Ignore the nay sayers and remember there are many more people here that value your input.

Keep on keeping on.

What he said! :wink: