Paul Abernathy re- Electrical issues


I’m stuck in Mississauga at the Hotel and bored but it was well worth it. You my friend are born to be on the lecture circuit. You know everything there is to know about electricity. You have simplified this course and made it more “user friendly” for a lack of a better description. Your teaching methods are great.

Thanks for a great course!!!

PS. I hope you made it to Buffalo safely!


Bless you fella…it was hard on me in Canada because some of the people wanted I believe more Canadian Code but in actual understanding I think many of you understood that in " THIS" perticular course it is safety and the aspects of electrical safety.

Possibly in the future I may come to Canada and do a Canadian Electrical Code class ( once I brush up on the Canadian Differences ) but as you know CODE is a bad 4 letter work on THIS NACHI lecture circuit…lol…we deal with safety and how it is applied.

Thank you SO much for the kind words and I always try my best to put on a good class…The toughest by FAR was Chicago because I was not allowed to do my “OWN” material and the class in Chicago covered things that I personally do not see as SAFETY issues…and they had a TEST that was very confusing and misleading…but thats life.

Thank you again my friend and always know my phone is open to you, my e-mail will always get a reply and it was MY pleasure to finally get to meet you…at least I can say now I have a FRIEND in Canada…:slight_smile:

So sorry I could not get to Toronto to meet you .
I had a previous commitment to talk to a group of high school students.
This is their last year of high school and many where going on to University and others in the work fields .
I would not be surprised to see many now go into the construction trades as many had no great idea of what to do .
Sorry about the Big Snow , Hope to touch hands soon .
Roy Cooke