Personal thanks to Marc and Paul

I just wanted to thank these two guys for all their posts on this board. The information that they provide is invaulable. It has helped me many times. There are times when they are the only ones to answer a question, and their answers are always informational, never condensending. Just wanted you guys to know that.

FYI - your names were listed alphabetically, so Paul, dont feel bad I didnt list you first :).

lol…ok now stop…lol…just glad I am somewhat helpful to someone:)

Paul was the main reason I started coming here everyday.
I’m retired now but when I did do home inspections I only did basic plumbing, HVAC and appliances plus checking outlets for proper grounds and such.

Coming here and reading Paul’s posts have certainly been an eye opener as to how many electrical repairs and installations I have done WRONG in the last 40 years.
Now I only wish I could somehow go back and do some things over.
Luckily, I was almost always pretty adamant about getting permits and inspections.

In those past years, my city did not require any certification or licenses what so ever.
You wanted to be a plumber, electrician OK you are one.
Not that way anymore thank GOD.

Besides that I love Paul’s “LOL’s” which = serious but happy guy. :mrgreen: