$350 off BCAM

Just got this in my email: (check and see if they will combine this with your NACHI discount)

$350 off BCAM and BCAM SD


Infrared Camera On sale this week!

**Save $350 on the FLIR B-CAM or the B-CAM SD! One week only! Use coupon code INF350 at check out for discount!

Sale ends Tuesday August 28 at midnight EST.**

Hi John,

I am surprised to see that you would be promoting a company owned by Michael Rowan.

Whats the discount for NACHI members?

If it will save a NACHI member money, then I will post it.

As far as who I do business with… I don’t hold a grudge. I can have
a fight with someone and then get up and shake hands. Then I will laugh
about it later.

Rowan offers a NACHI discount… but I see now it does not cover IR cameras.