Professional Equipment 15% Discount

Hey Guys,

I did not make it to the NACHI convention, but Will Decker
told me that Professional Equipment was giving a discount
to all NACHI members at the convention.

I had just bought a new FLIR BCAM from PE a few days
before the convention. Will suggested that I call them
and see if I could get the discount, even though I just
miss the open window to get the discount.

They just wrote me back and said they would honor the
discount and they are giving me $862.50 credit on me
credit card.

That effectively makes the cost of their FLIR BCAM cost
$4887.50 … (the discount is good through June 4th).
No shipping or tax… and it comes with PE 30 day
guarantee and the FLIR 1 year warranty.

Thanks Will… Your suggestion save me some nice dollars!!! :mrgreen:

If your going to buy a Thermal imaging camera… this is a good
deal. IMHO.

Below is the letter they just sent me:…

Good Morning John,
Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for
a response. The certificate that was handed out at the
trade show was valid from the first day of the show until
June 4th. However we are going to honor the 15% discount
on your previous order SCXXXXX. This is not a common
practice but we feel that because you have selected
Professional Equipment as your supplier for a major
inspection tool you are showing confidence in our company
and we appreciate that.

A credit for $862.50 will be issued back to your credit
card. This will show up on your credit card account mid
week next week.

We look forward to serving you again in the future.
Again thank you for selecting us for your inspection
equipment needs.

Professional Equipment


It’s good that we can call Mr. Will Decker a friend and a fellow NACHI member!!!

Thanks Will

Also a special big thanks to
Professional Equipment
You have shown you really are a great Professional supplier and I am glad for us at NACHi to have you treat our members so well .
I enjoyed talking to you at the show and was pleased to see how you treated every one there .
Thanks again


Thanks Will, and a big thank to professional equipment.


I’m not doing business with these guys anymore. They spam me multiple times everyday. I can’t get ProLab to leave me alone either, they call me via land line approximately every 3 days.

For $862.50 I think I’ll live:D


Exactly… they can spam me everyday…:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Like Nick kept saying… the NACHI convention is
more than free when you consider all the freebies
and discounts the vendors were giving away.

Wow… I did’nt even go to the convention and
NACHI and Professional Equipment just put some
money in my pocket.

Thanks again Will.

Wow! I guess I’d better get on the Stick!


WOW . . . this is what I like about this association and what it’s all about . . . helping each other . . . PE is a great company and they just went up a few more notches.

For information purposes; you can also get the SD version for a $1013 discount.

The camera is not currently in stock but it is available.

I have yet to see a significant difference between the two models, outside of storage capacity.
FLIR representatives told me months ago they saw no difference in output quality.

There are two additional alarm modes on the SD, but you must know the temperature you’re looking for to use it.

If you’re looking for capacity, the $863 difference may be justifiable.

For you guys in Canada, the SD can be stored to lower temperatures!

$4887.50 is about the best deal in town!