BIGCrawler 360, A New Way to View a Crawlspace

Currently working on new bodywork and lighting, but the concept works. An all new way to show your client a crawlspace. Innovation, Never Imitation.

Definitely a need for this! All the best in your endeavour!

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Currently working on new bodywork and lighting, but the concept works. An all new way to show your client a crawlspace. Innovation, Never Imitation.

Thanks Scot… Much appreciated … Roy

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Currently working on new bodywork and lighting, but the concept works. An all new way to show your client a crawlspace. Innovation, Never Imitation. client a crawlspace". It’s my job to inspect it and report the defects, which I do by crawling it and taking photos of defects inserted into a written report. Sorry, but I see it as nothing but a gadget and a time-waster. Plus, I don’t want my client asking me 10,000 questions due to her ignorance after see some curious things she knows nothing about in the movie on Youtube.

"… Now, it’s nothing more than a gadget.

BC 2.0 needs to be able to look up, probe decay, move insulation, take moisture readings, take still photos, descend into pits, crawl over pipes, remove furnace covers, traverse into other crawl areas such as porches and beneath additions, squeeze past ducts without damaging them, etc…

I hope you don’t really use that as your only method of crawlspace inspection."

You have some good points Joe. I still think there is a need for this, and yes, it will not do everything a person can. I have seen crawlspaces flooded with sewage water, inadequate height or access, chock full of black widow webbing, sharp edged debris, muddy, mold filled, large piles of cockroach excrement…

I have gotten ill a few times from being in a crawlspace.

It would be better to have a functioning “gadget” than disclaiming the crawlspace for one of the above reasons.

Would you buy a house if that’s how the crawlspace was inspected? Better to disclaim it than do it partially and give the buyer a warm fuzzy.

Requires no batteries. This could really set your business apart from the pack!

LOL Very funny :slight_smile:

Useful for roof inspections as well
Sewer lines!

If I had a choice between having pictures and videos of a crawlspace, or an empty section of report due to a disclaimer - I would take having some level of inspection over none, with the awareness of it’s limitations. We can both agree on what would be optimal.

Just my opinion.

Yep , I agree John , when new things come out there is always those are negative against it , Lets see so far computer generated reports ,Thermal camera, drones , now the crawl space crawler . Lets say this business evolves and hopefully never stands still .

There is one more very large issue that needs to be addressed. If an Inspector is unable to enter the crawlspace for an inspection then how will the client ever get a trades person in there to repair issues that might come up later? The problems can be anything from structural, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. Accessing it to repair a simple problem can become very expensive.

Another major consideration are the items you listed above. There is no telling how many significant problems are missed due to the severe limitations of the gadget! When it comes time to pay for those problems I would not want any part of it and would rather the client not have any part of it either.

This is when my BIGCrawler gets used. With the dedicated inspection camera, 1080P video and 16M picture capability, not the grainy footage from 360 camera as posted in the video.

You guys continue to play the non accessible card (but make sure you ***** and moan about any kind of advancements to rid yourself of that,:roll:). I show the client what is down there after we talk about limitations of my tech.

The largest issue to me, is my client not knowing what is going on in the crawlspace prior to purchase, that’s why I build and sell them to other Inspectors who also feel the same. But let me get out of this forum’s way so you guys can continue can stick your arm down in the access hatch and take pictures, tell your client there is insufficient room to drag your carcass in there it should be dug out and disclaim the rest.

Spoken like a true toy vendor! :wink:

Interesting stuff Scott!

Peanut, replied to like a real inbred.

I thought you were done Toy Vendor? Back for another round of advertising? :wink:

Once again you are wrong, a tired theme with you. I hope at least one of your 7,343 posts contain something useful. From the ones I have had the displeasure of viewing, I am thinking not. :wink:

Well apparently you have not viewed many posts. Feel free to search them as you would suggest to see what is there. :wink:

Of course you just can’t stay away can you. :wink:

If a crawl space is not accessible , then it will need to be made accessible are we going to wait till that happens i think not. I have seen trenches dug to get to piping does that get the rest of the crawl space no. Have i seen spaces without any equipment yes , I feel this tool is a great idea . Keep improving Scott i seen thermal cameras called toys also / People like you only improve the Industry

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