360 Video Tour of a 65 Year Old Crawlspace, Enjoy

The future of crawlspace viewing is here, BIGCrawler 360. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IuKCtLE-MA)

Cool Scot!
Much better than risking safety with your body.
Does it have a closeup function in case the operator feels it’s needed.

Wow. Nice.
Love to see more videos like this.
Nick should look into this to expose members.
Ops, he did. BIGCrawler 360, A New Way to View a Crawlspace
As if I am reasonable to doubt a genius. Sorry big guy. Ops.

I wish the crawls around here ever looked like the one in the video.
Any RC crawlbot would be immobilized in less than 10 feet in most of the crawls I get to see…

It uses the same chassis as my regular crawler does. It works pretty well. The 360 camera and video is just for a client to see the crawlspace in a better way. IMG_0109.JPG

In the Theta software it does. Much more clear also.