3D Android App

Used the new 3D android app today for the first time. Works great, I have been using a windows pda but the android is a lot faster and easier to move though the inspection.

Only problem with the app is you need to upload each inspection from the home pc to the phone to have it ready. The windows phone I could start an inspection on it and go with it.

I suggest checking it out the program it is expensive but for me it is worth it.

We just started testing the release version on the Samsung galaxy with some of our inspectors. So far so good.

Been.using it for Weeks on the Droid and I love it

It’s a great program whether you run it on a PDA or a Droid. I have always preferred doing inspections on a PDA, but that’s a personal preference.

Linas…do you use 3D or HG?

Hi Leroy, I use 3D pocket PC with the HP Ipaq 210. Are you using Pocket PC or are you using the cloud with your Android? And if yes with the cloud, how do you like it?

To use 3D on Droid you must create an inspection on a laptop or desktop. You then upload the inspection to the 3D cloud. You then download the inspection to your Droid device. Open the inspection, perform the inspection, upload the finished inspection back to the 3D cloud and then download to laptop or desktop, polish it if needed and then print or send it off! Whole upload/download process is only a few seconds each way.

You can create and preload many inspections to your 3D cloud account at any time.

One of the best things is as you are doing the inspection you snap a picture of that cracked roof tile and it is inserted directly into the report!! No messing with picture insertion later!

Thanks Charles, I like it.

The only problem I see that I would have is the battery life of my phone. I currently own a Samsung Charge & I can barely make through the day on a single charge - and that’s with sporadic use. I have serious doubts about it making it through a 3 or 4 hour inspection. My PDA can go 7 hours non stop on a single charge.

Both, how about you Dan?

Get an extended battery. Check out Seidio brand as they’re the best. I can take my Evo out for an entire day without a charge where it only lasted 4 hours before.

Thanks for the info Dom.

Same here .
Got an extended battery last spring and went from 4-5 hours to all day and night on one charge.
Never used my second battery yet.
Makes it heavier but so what.

Is the 3D app in the market, or do you have to go straight to them for it? If its in the market can someone send me the link as I cannot find it. Can we test drive it if not currently a 3D user? I’m currently using AHIT’s Android app and while I like it and its functionality, it can get sluggish when you start bogging it down with photos. I am always looking for faster, quicker, better.


You have to go to 3D for the app.


Hi Linas,

I still use 3D. I’m in the process of re-creating all my forms in HIP. I use a Lenovo Tablet in the field.

I have a docking station at home, so I never need to do any file transfering. When I return after my inspection, I put the Tablet into the docking station and finish up . My Desktop computer shares the monitor & Keyboard with the Tablet docking station…just hit a “Hotkey” and the Keyboard/monitor switch back and forth between the two systems.

Just curious with no intent here but how many shots do you include in the report on an average size home and do you finish on site or back in comfort.

If the latter is correct do you transfer your files through a usb cord or by uploading with a internet connection to your tablet?

If on site do you just dump shots at the bottom of the report or do you take the time to slot them with your comments?

I got the app right from 3d and use the cloud with it. I was nervous about it at fiirst but so far it has worked out great.

Hey Bob…I could take 80+ pic’s easy. I use them as notes. Then mabe 20 could be in the report(depends on the home).

I had a 14,000 sq-ft manson last week with 375+ pics; 2500sq-ft inground indoor pool, 8 baths, 8 heating system. Not the norm.

I use a convertible tablet x61t Lenovo. Not like a Ipad. I finish up back in comfort…not on site.

No USB cable; the tablet is WIFI, so I’m connected to my network when I return. Whole process works well.