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I currently use 3D inspection software w/ a Dell Axim pocket pc. This pocket pc allows me to print the report out at the inspection on a portable Canon printer. I want to upgrade as the support for this older device is being phased out. Could I get some suggestions on other software that someone is currently using and is anyone using an Andriod tablet or an IPhone? Do any of these devices allow you to print?

I’m inquiring about other software as I am not totally sold on the 3D Inspection software.

Please search the MB for the millions of posts that refer to HIP.

There is NO substitute!

tap inspect is an I phone one, works well for me. Problem is you cant switch your phone over to a droid, you need the iphone.

Can you print from these devices?

nope, but my clients download the file via e-mail link i send them. if i need to print the report i can, but I have only printed 2 reports, electronic is usually fine. If i need to print it, i publish the report so i get an e-mail link like my client gets and i cwen print it then.

  • edit, i think theres a way for ipad.iphone to wirelessly connect to a printer and print, i just dont know how to yet.

You could easily print via bluetooth to a bluetooth mobile printer.

I always print on site using a Fijitsu T4215 tablet PC 12.5 inch screen, with a CD burner and a cannon pixma printer. I use HIP. I hated 3D and the so called “help” person even more:twisted:

I know, the tablet in an oldie but it has been working like a charm for 6 years now.
You might pick one up on Ebay cheap

Hope this helps


I never print on site. I always email, unless the client does not have email. Saves me money in ink and paper. In the last 4 years since I started not printing reports out, I have had only 1 person who did not have an email address, so I printed it out for them. All of my customers have said that email is much easier for them.