Window 8 Tablet PCs or Phones??

Just curious to see if anyone is using a Windows 8 Tablet PC’s or Windows 8 phones with their inspection software. If you have, what is your opinion of their operation and what software are you using?

What Inspection software has bothered to develop for such a small market Ken?
Most everyone uses Android or i phone.

You are so correct, Microsoft has dropped the ball on their mobile platform. It is getting better for sure. Personally, I believe they will get their fair share of the market sooner than later. Although, I would think some inspectors are using Windows Tablet PCs now. Any thoughts?

windows 8 phone runs on their RT platform and must have apps specifically designed for it to work, or must be completely cloud based online. So no go on the windows phone. Windows 8 tablet pc’s are just now coming online, the one released by microsoft so far just runs RT, and same as phone. The surface pro is being released soon, which runs the full windows 8 version of microsoft. However when you can buy a full feature android tablet at 7 or 8.9 inches for around $200 or a Windows tab at around $800, it’s a no brainer. Android wins

I know Microsoft holds a small market in the mobile arena. I believe, sooner than later, they will capture more of the market. 3D Inspection already has developed a Windows 8 mobile app so you can use a new Windows 8 mobile device. The new Windows phones are very, very nice.

I’m sure some inspectors are already using Windows 8 Tablet PCs. I’d like to hear from some. As for Android, I’m not a huge fan…slow and limited in the business arena.

Not true. ReportHost for tablets works just fine online or offline in Windows 8. We’ve haven’t had the opportunity to test much with the Win8 phone as we don’t have one, just ran into someone who did, but things seemed normal.

ReportHost will run on **anything with an HTML5 compatible browser, and with IE10 Microsoft has become (mostly) compliant.

Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Playbook, Kindle… Try’em all. Use what you like. Be as fickle or loyal to your device as you want. We don’t care.

Most of the inspection programs (Home Inspector Pro, HomeGauge, 3D, Reporthost) will run on Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro tablets. The problem is Windows 8 RT. I believe only a web based program like Reporthost would work on that. I’m not sure if Windows 8 RT will actually survive the year so we’ll be focusing on improving on Android, iPhone & iPad versions before making an RT version. I believe there’s actually more Blackberry users than Windows 8 right now.

There’s over half a million apps for Android, iPhone & iPad devices. There’s only a few thousand for Windows 8 RT & Windows 8 phones. You can see where developers think things are going!

Check out the Dell Latitude 10 if you want to see a cool Win8 tablet.

That’s not even remotely relevant. We’d need to see the numbers at the same time(t) where t is the delta from product launch.

Even then, it’s sort of meaningless as the dawn of iOS saw few developers ready to quickly produce apps and few tools and the launch of Android saw a richer, riper environment.

I’d guess that Win8 will grow apps at a faster rate than both because app development foundations have been laid. Adding a third or fourth platform is typically faster than the pioneer or number two and the state of the art in mobile development has matured significantly.

And none of that is a quality or preference statement nor a predictor of ultimate success. I’ve got no dog in that fight since ReportHost runs on everything.

Sure it is, it’s completely relevant when you’re trying to enter into a well established market. If new users pick up a device and there’s nothing to run on it, they aren’t going to be happy. Unhappy users switch to something else and the device eventually dies. HP’s WebOS had the exact same problem last year and died a quick death because of it. The next 6 months will show whether Windows 8 Mobile will go the way of Windows 7 Mobile and disappear.