3D INSPECTION - 3D Mobile Users - Any idea which phone is most compatible?

Looking for help from those who us 3D Inspection / 3D Mobile Inspector

Can’t use iPhone, because… if you put too many pictures in the report, you can’t download the report off the cloud because the file is too big (probably from the excellent picture quality). Do you have a fix for this???

So I have to use Android - What is a good phone, Samsung Galaxy? Google phone?

Here’s my problem: When i snap a picture, it gets pixelated once entered into the app. Can’t find a solution.

NEXT problem - When I click the camera in the app, there’s almost always a 3 to 5 second delay. This is so annoying. I have a new Samsung Galaxy S22

Anyone else experience these problems?

Nope. My reports are done at my desk in the office. No issues whatsoever!

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You should try using a photo editing program. I use photo gallery to crop and resized the pictures before I put them in my report using an Iphone and never have a problem emailing my reports.


If i remember correctly, putting a lot of pictures in the mobile app will have a hard time downloading no matter which phone you use. Back when i did reports on site i found this to be true. I then learned to just put the absolute pics in then added additional pictures on the desktop back at the office.
But the system is compatible with iPhone or iPad.

The mobile app Minimum compatible devices
IOS 10.3.3+ iPhone or iPad
Version & System Requirements | 3D Products | About | User Community (3dinspection.com)

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If you can’t figure it out, you can always put in a help ticket for technical support.
Contact Technical Support | General | User Community (3dinspection.com)

I’ve been using 3D mobile for many years now, when I first switched from pocket to the mobile version I was using a Samsung Note 3, then a couple years later went to a Note 5, then a Note 9, now using S21 Ultra. I’ve never experienced any of the problems you’re having with any of my phones. You may want to try to remove then re-load the app and see if that helps, if not call 3D to see if they can assist.

Also, I’ve had many reorts with over 100 pitctures and never had any problem up or downloading from the cloud, although I always am on WIFI whenever up or downloading.

That’s interesting. We use HomeGauge and we have the opposite problem. I use an iPhone and my son uses an android based phone and his pics are larger and create issues with upload and download from time to time.

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We allow enough time to do ours on site. If we realize that something got missed when finishing the report, guess what? We’re right where we need to be to take additional pics or gather other information.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you do me a favor. And check one of your reports. And see if one of the pictures is blurry/pixelated?

I think it’s the new Android operating system. I had an S21 and i think my reports were fine, then i tried a new S21 and the pictures get blurry, and now an S22 same thing.
I bet your older S21 has an older operating system.

From yesterdays inspection.
PAGE 3D.pdf (108.1 KB)

I open in PDF they look fine, even up to 125% zoom, after that they start to pixellate same as the font does.
I have Android 12 OS, so it’s the latest.

Hey Aaron! I also use 3D and am in the market for a new phone. As a result, I wanted to see if you came to any new conclusions? Thanks!

Hey! It seems like my Galaxy S22 finally did an update, and my phone is way faster now.
The pictures are still pixelated in the 3D report. So I made the pictures bigger in the report, to provide more detail.

I guarantee with iphone if you put more than 100 pictures or so in the app you wont be able to download it off the cloud.