Electrical Inspection Training- (Virginia) - 11/17/2007


November 17, 2007 for those folks in Virginia, I will be holding my INFAMOUS class " Electrical Inspections For Home Inspectors" in Harrisonburg,VA at the Courtyard Marriott.

I have no idea if NICK will promote it but I will be, I will be doing it in between my electrical seminar schedule.

The class will be 8 hours and will have a cost of $ 90.00 per person*, You will be given (1) hour for lunch at your own cost.

If you are within 200 miles of Harrisonburg, VA and a Home Inspector who would like to know MORE about electrical inspections and how they SHOULD be done in regards to home inspections then this is the seminar for you.

Details will be on www.ElectricalSeminars.net in the next few days to allow online sign ups as well feel free to call our office at 540-434-1360 and ask for Darlene as well.

  • Minimum 15 Inspectors Required or seminar will be rescheduled.

I will attend and will be driving up from SC


Now thats a long road trip…:wink:

The online sign up is LIVE…at www.electricalseminars.net

And a great course it is!


Its not listed yet. Will it be listed soon?


it is live…go to www.electricalseminars.net and click on the link in the list at the top for the home inspectors class.

should be the last one in the list.

Go R done!

Thanks Paul!


Thanks Curt…hopefully we reach the minimums to have this seminar take place. I am not sure if Nick is going to send out notices to HI’s in Virginia or not as I dont have a list of them…but alas I will keep you informed.

Paul you must be hurt, you just posted 4 times and there was not a single LoL by you. Please get well, I miss your lightheartedness.

8 Hour Electrical Training for Home Inspectors Electrical Inspection Training Seminar

If you are looking for a in depth class to help you fully understand all the in’s and out’s of doing electrical inspections hen this is the seminar for you. Every home inspector should attend this seminar as it teaches all the concepts of proper electrical inspection in a format that is easy to understand and use in everyday work environments.

  • We will cover all aspects electrical inspections from a safety standpoint.

  • Full COLOR power point presentations to aid in your visual and mental learning.

  • In 8 hours you will understand the hazards and methods of doing electrical inspections on old construction and new construction.

  • When you attend this course you will raise your electrical knowledge to the NEXT level.

Electrical Inspection Training For Home Inspectors
Date : November 17, 2007
Time : 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Location : Courtyard Marriott
1890 Evelyn Bryd Ave
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Cost : $ 90.00*

  • Lunch is NOT provided, You will be given (1) hour for lunch during the seminar day.
    Space will be limited so sign up today online

*** Minimum 18 People Required**
[Sign Up Online NOW](http://www.electricalseminars.net/homeinspectors.html#Sign Up Here)
Call : 1-540-607-0116

Paul how about a class in Orlando


 I would love to come to Orlando, FL and do a seminar....sad to say it is just a matter of numbers.....I would need to have a certain amount of people to attend before it becomes finanically possible to make it happen.

 In light of a slow market many Inspectors are not in a position to attend I would guess so it makes is difficult because I am not willng to give education away..some are....I am not because it is what i do for a living.

 If a chapter gets the right amount of people together I would most certainly make it happen myself.....alas it is not always possible.

 But...i would love to come...no doubt....also I dont have CE Status in Florida so that also keeps people from coming probably.....it looks like it is not about good edcation anymore...its also about credits and i understand that so I have no problem with that.....just not worth me getting CE Status in a state i dont intend to do alot of seminars in...gets quite costly to do so.

Anyone notice how my seminars no longer get to the " Upcoming Events " list anymore…lol…alas…it is here anyway…lol


The Electrical Training Seminar on November 17, 2007 in Harrisonburg, VA has been Cancelled.

After review of the NACHI members around this area I noticed that there was not very many and rather than use my resources to send out mailers like I do with my electrical seminars I have decided to no longer offer any seminars to Home Inspectors .

Unless at some point NACHI and Mr. Gromicko wish to focus on seminars for the members directly with NACHI , I personally will not be holding anymore “Electrical” seminars for Home Inspectors.

Sorry for the announcement, I have so many seminars lined up for Eaton® , Virginia CE Requirements and another firm I can’t mention right now and doing some articles for a electrical product catalog company that I dont have time to schedule these seminars myself and do all the things needed so I am focusing my time on my electrical seminar business and my electrical consulting.

I am about 6 months away from closing down my electrical contracting business ( Thank God !) and turning it over to a long time employee since we have a large contracting contract coming up and I really want no parts of it…alot of money but also would tie me down from what I prefer to do and that is speak at seminars and to educate.

Thank you to all of you who have attended my seminars in the past and if I am doing an electrical seminar near you I would love for you to stop by. I will be on the west coast in late december so hope to see some of you if given the chance.

Yours Truly,

Paul W. Abernathy

P.S. However I am always just a phone call away for you guys and I will be online helping as always in between seminars and while on the road.

Sorry to here that, today was the first time I saw this, I was busy reading the first couple of responses and I was making plans to attend, and then I saw your last one.:frowning:

Thanks for trying.:smiley:


Sorry Mic…just not worth the effort without real support so I give up on the HI industry right now in regards to education. My focus is on the Electrical Industry.