Four Mock Inspections

Hi, I was reading about the requirements I must meet before I can sign the membership affidavit. Before I started I saw somewhere that I do not have to do 4 mock inspections if I was already a home inspector. Now that I did the first three items, I cannot find where I can skip the mock inspections. I’ve done thousands of home inspections over the last 18 years. . . I will do the 4 mock inspections if I have to but if I dont have to I’d prefer not to take the time. . . Was I mistaken when I thought I saw that it can be skipped if I’ve done inspections for a fee before? Thanks

I think you can just send them four of your reports you have done, so long as they’re up to InterNACHI’s standards. Just remove the private information from the reports. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will correct me :slight_smile:

So how is it that you are showing as an “InterNachi Applicant” yet…

…you have a Membership Number that reads “2006, March, 10th, 91st sequence” ??

Updated membership requirements are not retroactive. New membership requirements are for new members that join.

Thanks, Ben