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Hello. I live around the Gainesville/Ocala area and just passed my Licensing Exam. Before I can begin inspecting, however, I must complete InterNACHI’s 4 mock inspection requirement. I have done 2 and have no one else to ask. Would someone be so kind as to allow myself and my partner/husband (P.E.) to go along on an inspection or two so that I may take some photos for my report. I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks in advance:)

I would allow one of you at a time to ride with us anytime.

Melbourne, Fl

If you are licensed why do you need mock inspections

Submitting reports from mock inspections is an InterNACHI membership requirement for inspectors who have not performed fee-paid inspections yet.

And if they go out and perform a fee paid inspection under their license would that meet the membership requirement

No. The idea is to make newbies perform a few inspections before they perform a real, fee-paid home inspection for a consumer who is relying on the inspection report.

Every home inspector has their first client. You had yours. I had mine. But at InterNACHI, we don’t want your first client to also be your first inspection.

It not only puts a few inspections under the new inspector’s belt (before working for a consumer), but also gives the new inspector a few no-harm-done trial runs to try out different reporting software, etc.

But if they have their license what is the difference. The license allowed them to inspect and collect. You can still review if you want

Because InterNACHI’s requirements are more strict than state licensing requirements. In fact, our requirements are above-and-beyond and in addition to whatever your state requires.

Thanks Nick…

So if someone gets their license and goes out and does some inspections they cannot be a NACHI member because they have not done 4 mock inspections?

And your also telling me that if they do 4 mock inspections they can now advertise that they are a certified inspector without having done one fee paid inspection?

Thanks John for your offer. I just might take you up on it. You are almost 3 hours one way from my house though. Is there anyone closer who would allow me and my partner to come along for an inspection and take some pics to fulfill mock requirement? This requirement is keeping me from starting and I would like to cross it off the list. Thanks so much. :slight_smile:


If you have passed your exam and the 120 hour course, been finger printed, and have insurance you can get your license and now work as a home inspector. Those mock inspections are only to become NACHI ‘certified’. You do not need that certification once you have your license. Certifications are nice to have and they make your web cite look pretty, but they are not necessary. I would imagine your certification would come thought having your license, as NACHI does not have other requirements other than the educational ones they throw at you. But those ‘education requirements’, once again, are for that certification. Nothing can stop you from inspecting once you have your license. I would, however, suggest that you do some ride alongs for the experience

’Nuff said!


I don’t understand. In the state of Florida all you need is a license to inspect homes. You are not required to have any association affiliations. She wants to get her business rolling and start making money. From her response I am assuming that she has her license. If she wants to do it association she has every right to do that. So please tell me why a licensed home inspector we need to do for Mike inspections before using her license.

Bill’s right, the poster’s statement " …this requirement is keep me from starting"… is inaccurate. She can conduct inspections if duly licensed.


wsiegel: In licensed states, every practicing inspector has a license, so a license is meaningless. Having a license is like having two ears and a nose. Every inspector has two ears and a nose.

There is a reason (actually, thousands of reasons) that more than 2,000 licensed home inspectors in Florida alone are members of InterNACHI, and it has nothing to do with membership being required by the state… because it isn’t required by the state.

A license is 1% of what you need… InterNACHI provides the other 99%.

The poster’s statement that they are not able to proceed with paid inspections is inaccurate, if they are licensed.


The state has certain requirements and conditions of maintaining a license.
InterNACHI has certain requirements and conditions of maintaining membership.

If you want both, you have to meet the requirements and abide by the conditions of both.

If you want a state license, do what the state asks.
If you want , do what InterNACHI asks.

I understand the difference; not sure the poster did or does.


Now why would you assume that? The poster is an InterNACHI Member, therefore should be aware of the requirements of Membership. Are you? If memory serves, Bill was booted from this Association. Why was that again? He was aware of the InterNACHI Rules and Regs, but he chose to disobey them. He is the last person who should be giving advice of this sort!

Like I said…