4-Point/Cloth Wiring: What's the impact on client?

I’m looking for other inspectors experience with having to mark “cloth wiring” on the citizens four point form. It is currently lumped together with knob and tube. A previous client told me that citizens will not write a policy on an older home with cloth covered wiring - but another underwriter would. I spoke with an insurance agent today who was unsure and explained that the box is seldom marked when she reviews reports. I can only infer that inspectors are either looking past it, or don’t even see the “cloth wiring” part since it’s lumped with knob and tube. Bottom line I’d like to tell the client exactly what they’re going to deal with when they solicit insurance. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

It sounds like something else that will have to be covered on a home inspection.
The home was wired with cloth covered wiring, which may inhibit the ability to obtain insurance. This should be determined prior to purchase.

So far, Citizens is the only one via their form, that makes that distinction.
That form is fairly new, so that may be why it doesn’t get marked often.

If you ask me, more BS from Citizens.

You would have to ask each insurance company,

John are you using citizens form? Thanks

Thanks for the feedback

Ya might have to first define what exactly is ‘cloth covered wire’, is it?

A. Pre-TW single conductor insulated in rubber with a braided cloth cover normally found in older armored cable (BX).


B. Early Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable (Romex) consisting of thermoplastic covered conductors (TW) bound together with paper and covered in a cloth covering.

From my experience all of the failure issues with ‘cloth covered wiring’ is associated with ‘A’. The rubber insulation becomes brittle and cracks off of the wire exposing the conductors, whereas type ‘B’ has no greater failure issues than modern Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable.

As for me I removed the item ‘cloth covered wire’ from my form.

I use a modified Nachi form and would also agree with Joe.

Modify the Citizens form and denote in the form number at the bottom “modified” or use a different form and state on it that it is designed to meet the requirements of Citizens, Tower Hill, American Integrity, etc.

JB is right on…I do exactly the same :slight_smile:

Great advice. Thanks to all

Just report what you see and what is asked. What the idiots do with the info is not your concern .

Thanx Joe…

Tower Hill for one does not cover cloth covered wire. If you list it on the 4 Point it will be an issue with them.

Are you an inspector or a follower of the blind leading the blinnd

See this post on cloth wiring.


Phil Wise

I have been told that it is ok as long as it is insulated. I just note that it is insulated on the form. Never had a problem since I started doing that.