4-Point Four Plex

How would you charge for 4-Point Inspection on a small four-plex unit under the same roof? Regular price using 4 reports?

Why would you need four reports, unless each unit is individually owned and each owner needs a separate report. In that case charge each owner, but at a discounted price.

If it is for the same owner charge a little more. Chances are all the units will be pretty close to the same.

Typically, each unit will have all of it’s own components and you will find often any upgrades were not all done on the same schedule. One reason I would and have done a four point for each unit separately or built a report that breaks out each unit so in the event upgrades are called for you are not getting phone calls asking which unit has the 15 yrs old water heater or the non working furnace. I would probably give a small discount for the single roof but repeat my findings in each report. Don’t sell yourself or your reports short. Make it worth your time but a win for the customer as well. If you do a good job and for a fair price, investors will give out your name to other investors for future jobs. At one time I was doing a lot of duplexes, triplexes and quadplexes before the downturn in real estate. Anything over four units is a commercial property…remember that.

the cost of 4 - 4 points unless you feel like giving a multiple inspection discount. each unit will need all the same things inspected. I guess you could charge a little less if they are all under the same roof.

Thanks guys. I appreciate the good info.


I Suggest your normal fee and $25 or so for each additional unit and write the other units as a subsection (except the roof).

I charge 25-50 extra for each additional unit