Multi-Dwelling Units

Any tips or things I should know about inspecting a four unit multi-plex? Also, how do you set up the report? Any info. would be helpful as this is a new one for me.

first update so we have an idea of where you are located and what your previous experience was before you started home inspecting.

The way I do it because I feel I am a professional and worth ore than most is I charge as 4 separate units and Maybe if they are not pricks give a small roof because I only have to inspect one. I write it up as a 4 unit dwelling and charge as such because you have 4 of everything to do in each unit.

You likely will not get the job “if you charge like I do” because most involved in the biz think of you as just a tool they use and abuse. I do not stand for that and would rather not work than feel screwed BUT you must do what you must do if you need the money, that is the sad part. I feel qualified inspectors with real life experience are worth their weight in gold but the scumbag used house sales people get way more than you do normally and most are part time hacks that do not know squat.

Welcome to the biz and good luck. Try not to let yourself be treated like a doorat and you will likely sleep better at night.

They think you get a lot of money for the tie you put in but you should get paid for the years of experience you have worked hard to obtain. I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK AND FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME ANYTIME AFTER 10 AM FOR ANY HELP i MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE. It is a dog eat dog world and I am doing my best to start working with new construction professionals as I cannot stand most used house sales people their lowballing clients or the insurance companies that try to use you as a scapegoat at every opportunity. Good Luck and I hope it works out well for you. You need to understand the bacsic principles of the cost of doing business and not just what you get paid per hour. That may seem high to many but in reality it is almost never what is needed to be profitable.

Thanks Mike - I have not been doing this long, but I know what you are saying!