4 Point Inspection Questions

I asked this over on the emergency forum but to spread a wider net, had a question about some things I ran into on a 4 Point inspection.

The home is a 1973 build. During the electrical inspection, I located a couple of electrical outlets giving an open ground fault. Additionally, I found double and even triple taps of neutrals and grounds in the electrical panel. Also, I found evidence of aluminum branch wiring.

I checked the box for improper grounding, double taps (the neutrals and grounds…no double tapped breakers observed), and marked that I saw the presence of aluminum wiring. My client had an electrician come by to check on things, and he stated everything looked fine to him and that there is no problem with a 1973 house having double and triple tapped neutrals and grounds.

My three questions:

  1. Is the presence of double or triple taps of neutrals and grounds in the subpanel a hazard that is supposed to be indicated on the 4 Point inspection form? Or is this solely for finding double tapped breakers?

  2. Is the “improper grounding” hazard a box that should be checked if there are outlets I found that show “open grounds?” Are open grounds even within the scope of the 4 point inspection form, or is the improper grounding hazard box only for overall system grounding (no grounding rod, etc)

  3. All other potential issues aside, if you observed aluminum single strand branch wiring in the subpanel, is this enough to mark the electrical section as “unsatisfactory”?

I spoke with the person from my clients insurance who is reviewing the forms and she didn’t know the answer to these questions. Just trying to get a feel for how other inspectors in florida who complete 4 points are answering these questions.