Advice on the 4 point inspection form

So I have it marked in the 4 point that there is double tap wires in the box but under the check boxes of satisfactory and unsatisfactory which should I hit? I personally think that the electrical system as a whole is working fine but not sure ife I should fail a system on just the double taps. Also one of the SEC is painted white, should that be marked as well?

Am I seeing a bad service neutral where it attaches to the lug, or is it just the flash that distracts from seeing the rest of it?

here is a closer look

Service neutral was good, was just off putting to see it painted white. I know you can mark wires with tape.

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This is what I was wondering about.

It was tightly in there, in the second picture you can see it under the lug fully.

Just looked frayed or cut, that’s all. Just wondering.

Ah sorry, I can’t be sure now but if it didn’t catch my attention then I would imagine it wasn’t.

Sounds good. Hope it all turns out good.

Where was the double tap. Do you mean multiple neutral wires in one hole? I would say defective,

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So say the whole system is unsatisfactory because of that on the 4 point form?

I would yes

Habib Othman

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I always call out the panel for double taps. You can hold off on the 4-point until the double-taps are repaired, then re-inspect (for a fee) and do a “clean” 4-pont then.