4 point inspections for condos

Is the roof usually inspected on a Condo doing a 4 point inspection ? or does this pertain to the association ?

I thought you said wind mit because I had my kid up my rear :slight_smile: I rarely get requests for 4 pointes on condos. Did you get one or did the client just say they need a wind mit/ 4 point thingie or something similar?

If you are doing a true 4 point oneone then yes you would have to do the roof UNLESS the insurance company said they did not need it because the association covered the roof in their insurance.

Like Michael said, 4 points are rare for condos. However we have done them and yes we include the roof. If the roof is part of the association then the buyer, insurance company, and HOA can fight about it.

Kind of depends on the building. For a high rise, the carriers don’t really care too much about the roof and just want a 3 point inspection. Some want the roof info anyway. I do a a lot of 4 points on condos, and don’t consider them rare. I am doing 30 of them in one building soon for one agent.

Good, I hope you get what they are worth :slight_smile: The more the merrier on 3 points at a good price.

We gave them a package deal…not much driving involved, and I only have to look at the roof once.:cool:

Yeah I am sure they appreciate it but I rarely deal for them. But that is why you stay busy I would guess. Good price and good service, I’d hit you up for a deal also :slight_smile:

Well not so sure on “appreciating” it Really?..Would they have had you do it at your regular price? If not then they do not really appreciate you, they just want the lowest price.

The answer to your question is literally the difference between “can” and “should”. Insurers will let you do anything because they do not regulate home inspectors, the DBPR does (in theory).

“Can” you perform a 4-Point on a commercial structure? Yes. You “can” perform a 4-Point on a 72’ Buick if you like. The question is, should you?

Depending on how the condo docs are set up, the unit owner may not even own the 4 systems you are inspecting….so what repairs could they make to resolve any issues found? To add, your licensure specifically excludes “common areas” (defined as “common elements”) of condominium units.

***718.103 Definitions.—*As used in this chapter, the term: (8) “Common elements” means the portions of the condominium property not included in the units.
**468.8311 Definitions.—**As used in this part, the term: (2) “Home” means any residential real property, or manufactured or modular home, which is a single-family dwelling, duplex, triplex, quadruplex, condominium unit, or cooperative unit. The term does not include the common areas of condominiums or cooperatives.
The real question should be what liability are you exposing yourself and your business to in qualifying areas of a commercial structure which you cannot see and in which your licensure specifically excludes?

Here is my last weeks find on a condo that i “Did Not” do a 4 point on… There are several hundred units in this large complex, and I’m guessing that not many have been replaced because the insurance companies have no way of knowing about them because most don’t request them – I have never done a four point on a condo in many thousands of inspections…Hmmmmm

Looks like mine but mine has more colors :slight_smile:

We do 4pts on true condos half the time. We refer to the HOA on roofs or water heaters.
Never had one kicked back. Most electrical panels get replaced when a Federal Pacific/Sylvania/Challenger panel is noted.