Condo Inspection questions

In general, when inspecting a 25+ year old condo is it normal to suggest insurance inspections too?

If the condo is on the second floor of a three story building, does the roof system / attic pertain to that condo?

Hi Mike,
Question#1: I always suggest wind-mit and 4-point for that old of a home.

Question#2: The association is supposed to be responsible for everything from the drywall out.

Hope this info is close to correct

Travis, thanks. What I was trying to ask in Question 2 is:

If you are doing a WM on a condo on the 2nd floor but the building is a 3-story - does the attic (strapping/nailing) pertain to that condo?

Yes on a WM (including roof covering), and no on a 4pt…go figure.