Wind mit on Condo in FL

Im new in the industry and would like to know what are the rules on wind mit on condo units in Florida.
There are many 2-3 story condominiums and still dont know if i should include them in my inspection or should i refer the to their HOA.
Also do you inspectors include 4 points and wind mit in your full inspection or you go only what the buyer needs.
I read that many do it because buyers would need them for their wind mit. discount, without them even knowing.
Thanks for any feedback

If the buyer is considering obtaining a home owners policy, they will need a WindMit. Depending on what insurance carrier, the 4 point may also be required.
And then there’s the mortgage (if any). The bank may require it.

I charge them for anything they want extra, but do give a discount for the wind mit and a the 4 point if done at the time of the inspection.

What if the attic acess is on the second floor apt.?
Also what to write for the windows since its a building with 4 apt! Should i just inspect the windows on the apt im doing inspection for?
Sorry for silly questions but we were all begginers right🫡

Same here, sure ain’t giving it away for free though.

Condo wind mit (individual unit) is basically for opening protection.

What do you put on the wind mit section about the roof?

If I have (verifiable) data, I include it. Otherwise, it’s “blank”.

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So to clarify, you just make notes on windows and doors of the individual unit only and if info is available you include the roof… is that right?

The you select no attic access.

^^^ Yes, That above…

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Or just ask their neighbors if they dont mind inspector going up the attic real quick!?

Thank you!

Not interested in the potential of liability for that.

Good point. Thank you