Citizens Property Insurance asking to work with NACHI on 4-point style standard.

I met with Citizens Property Insurance Corporation today (yes, I’m getting all my Florida meetings done this week) and they want us to develop and submit a standardized reporting form that they can use in lieu of a 4 point inspection report.

Please post or email me what you have on this. I will start a committee to quickly create such a comprehensive report form for them and NACHI members to use.

They are standing by, ready to offer suggestions and approval.

Please help if you have anything on this that would be useful.

Hi Nick,
I believe Joe Burkeson and Greg Bell could be of immense help in this particular situation.

I like Joe’s form, short and sweet.:smiley: Kind of like Joe.:smiley:

Here is a link to the one that Joe uses.


Nick ,I just e-mail you the 4 POINT form that I developed. It works sometimes for Citizen. It works for all other insurance companies. I have been using it for over 5 years. Do not forget that there are many HI that are not engineers, nor electricians, nor building contractors.

**John M. Acaron, CHI:-({|= **
BS Mechanical Engineer

I have a problem with the size of the HVAC — sometimes hard to find – we have gas in some areas thus not rated in KW’s

Any one see any other issues?


Btu X 0.0002928 = kilowatt-hrs

I have Been using o form and i e-mailed it to Nick If any one may need to see it or needs to use It please e-mail me at

Thank you Tony Merced. :cool:

Joe’s form is excellent!

Short and to the point, just what an insurance company will put in a folder without going over!!:smiley:

Do insurance companies around the country request 4 point inspections, or just the ones in Florida? I’m curious :slight_smile:

. . . I’m curious too . . .

From what I have been reading, it is becoming a standard operating procedure in other states.

I use something similar to Joe’s form as well.

Jump over to this thread for an update on this project:

I think Joe’s form is excellent. I’m very impressed with it.