4 point inspections

Does anyone know anything on a requirement that 4 point reports with homes over 50 years old have to also have a signature from a certified electrician in addition to the inspector signature for FLorida?

That requirement is waived if you use the NACHI form.

I believe you also must have completed the iNachi Electrical course…that may have changed once licensing came along. Haven’t heard anything to the contrary.

You do not have to use the NACHI form and I recommend you do not. It requires way to much work that is not necessary or needed by the underwriters.

I simply just attach the copy of my INTERnachi electrical certificate to my inspection. I just put it on the top right of the form about 2 by 3 inches but you would probably be better off putting it in full page. I have never had a problem since I started doing it.

Good Luck. Remember make your own form and keep it simple and sweet. Underwriters do not wish to wade thru a bunch of useless crap to find the info they need.

Call me or email me anytime if you wish further advice. By the way edit your profile so we know your location. What area do you work in?

I would use the approved, accepted internachi form.

Most inspectors that are NACHI Members have used and continue to use the NACHI form that was approved by Citizens several years ago. That is what gave us the ability to submit the form without an electrician. ( be sure to take our electrical course ).
It can be redone in various formats to suite your needs. PDF, FILLABLE PDF, WORD, OPEN OFFICE ETC.