4 point question

Do you guys sign your 4 points…I recently had one returned for signatures

thank you in advanced

Most insurance companies will not take them unless they are signed.

I put it on there. Along with the certificate showing I passed the Nachi Electrical course.

Yes sir, always sign them

yes yes yes plus nachi id number

and FL Lic…

Thanks everyone…What about digitally signed Docs?

Just put an image of a signature on it. That works for me. I have not tried to digitally sign one so I do not know what it entails. If a client printed it up and handed it to an agent they would not know it was signed.

Actually, digital signatures should work just fine. It will show up when printed.

I use a digital signature & haven’t had any problems

Does anyone have links on where I can learn more about digital signatures.

Look in the help section on any adobe page

Thanks Bill I will look into them. I am now as of today capturing signatures in the field. Last week I tried but had technical difficulties.

In my original post I should have specified digitally signed docs. The lenders are getting picky and this particular one wanted it hand signed (broker). He also wanted me to change under electrical, recent upgrades to yes instead of no. His reasoning being “obviously this 1953 built home has had an electrical upgrade”
The owner of the home told me the electrical was there since he bought it in 2003. How do you define recent and should I have used some common sense?
The county website had no permits issued for the electrical that I could find. The reason for my answer no.

Thanks everyone

Tell that agent he needs to become an inspector do he can do his own 4-points. Then he can write down anything he wants.

define resent!

Write the year of the upgrades(and yes) to the best of your ability. Let them decide what is recent enough.

For a house built in 1800, is 1970 recent?

For a house built in 1970, is 1985 recent?

For a house built in 1985, is 1995 recent?

For electrical? for a roof?

This is why years are included.


It would be better if they would accept it without the signature, the company name or any phone #'s. That way there would be no liability for the lies the agent wants us to write on the report.

Liability wise it’s the same as a Home Inspection… Shouldn’t we have documentation to support our professional opinion.

Would a 10yr old HWH be considered recent.

A permit to me means recent! Correct me if I am wrong…

I report the way John does and that seems to work fine