Nachi 4 point form for Fla.

A fellow inspector called today to ask if I could perform a 4pt inspection for his father. (he lives in my area the othe insp. doesn’t) I told him sure but he called back later to tell me that the info sheet from citizens says that the electrical section must be signed off by a lic. electrician. Do the powers to be at Nachi have any idea if this is really how it’s going now? Could somebody look further into this, I spoke personaly with the chief underwriter several months ago who assured me that both the ASHI and NACHI forms were to be acceptable. Did anything change? I don’t like getting reports rejected and don’t want to do any which may be.

InterNACHI has the approved Universal course:


Nothing has changed as of yet. Both of those forms are accepted.

If you look at the citizens form that is sent out it clearly says that you do not have to use that form and you can use another form

Thanks guys, we decided to just have me go and do it, submit it and see what happens. If it gets rejected I’ll let ya know.

As a NACHI certified home inspector, can we do the 4 point inspection as per FHA and Citizens Property Insurance.They are saying that you need to have a Lic. electrician sign off on it.
Please let me know as I have an inspection coming up
Thanks all
Mark E Hallsworth

Your inspection is based NEC, not FL codes. Explain that you are not a compliance inspector.

There is no difference, Florida has adopted and uses the NEC.

Do you have this form in any other format than a PDF?

In WORD format: thanks to member Jay Schwartz.

I have never had a problem, just use your NACHI number.