4 Point Insurance Inspections in Fla

Where could I get the Nachi four point inspection form, I am a nachi member and used the 3 D soft ware which has a four point inspection form, you said for citizen to approved the inspection we will hahe to use the Nachi form.

According to the speaker at a FABI seminar over the past weekend (Mr. Loren B. Gallogy director of underwriting for Citizens) NACHI members (and only NACHI members) are authorized to use the new NACHI four point form and it has been approved by citizens and should be accepted. He admitted it is a slow difficult practice for the firm to get everybody on the same page, but, the bottom line is that it is approved. Thanks to NACHI I was tired of that ridiculous ASHI form. It actually asked about ice damming protection for the roof. The protection we use here for ice dam protection is the 48 states and Canada to our north.

Nick and all who contributed to the creation of the NACHI 4-Point forms, thank you!


A little more info for the members; Mr. Gallogy’s Fax # is 9042815018 if you have a problem with a four point being rejected you should fax his office the inspection report along with the name of the underwriter who rejected it. If the report has been properly filled out he assured me his office will straighten it out. He was actually quite interested in making sure the program went smoothly and really wanted to try to handle the bumps in the road. But, again he himself thought it might be a tough row to hoe for a Little while.

Read the post above pal. I got it direct from the chief underwriter in personal conversation. Only FABI and ASHI RPI’S can fill out the ASHI form. Only NACHI inspectors can fill out the NACHI form. Period. It seems the state wants no part of trying to determine which form or organization is superior but does wish to recognize that members in good standing with these associations do deserve respect with regard to thier livelihood and knowledge. If we could find it in ourselves to do the same ( both sides ) the inspection world would be a better place.

Read my post again, pal. I was responding to a post that stated an incorrect fact.

I was at the meeting this past weekend, and that has nothing to do with my comment from 2 weeks ago.
I was simply pointing out an error.

No error, Mr Gromicko was referring to the nachi four point form when he responded to the Burkeson question and there are no add’l contractors needed. But it is true this is newer information and two weeks ago I didn’t have it either. Can we still be friends?

Of course we can. A little chatter is necessary sometimes. :slight_smile: It’s all good here in the neighborhood.