4 Point Insurance Inspections in Fla

I have not been interested in performing these in the past, but with the market we have now I’m ready.

Anyone know what requirements are needed for 4 point inspections for Citizens insurance co?

I have access to a GC but have herd you need an electrical license as well as a general contractors license.

I’ve also herd you can use an ICC certification #

Can I just work under a friends General Contractors license?

What are you guys doing?



I spoke with Citizens rep just the other day, they will except a FABI or ASHI numbers for the electrical forms. Nick said they will except a NACHI # as well, but the lady I spoke with said the only info she has is FABI or ASHI are the only exception they will make. Not ICC or GC license, we were using our building contractor license number and the inspections were kicked back.

I cant believe they will take a FABI or ASHI number ove a GC or Building Contractor #

NACHI needs to get on board with Citizens, Nick said he is looking into it. We shall see.

FABI and ASHI numbers are only excepted if the ASHI Survey form is used. If you use the one sheet inspection form, you must have a licensed electrician # one it.

Greg will chime in, I’m sure. He uses his ICC number and has had luck with it.

There has been several post here that claim the 6 pager has been getting turned down. I have had good luck with my ICC cert. to date.

Since you asked:

About 3-4 months ago I had one returned using my ICC #. I sent it back using the ASHI form with my RPI # and it was accepted. Since then I only use the ASHI form with my RPI #.

Joe still submits his one page form with his ICC #. He has not had one returned yet. He has also went behind another inspector that used the ASHI form who had it kicked back with a request for a new inspection.

The only reason I can figure for Joe’s not being kicked back is that he puts his certifications on the report. There doesn’t seem to be any uniformity in the process.


The ASHI form usually gets turned down when the agent is not familiar with it. After a year of going though this with them, they are finally starting to catch on. If I ever have a problem, I just have the agent call underwriting and that usually clears it up right away.


ICC has not been approved by Citizens as of yet. They may be accepting it from some insepectors, but when push comes to shove, they will win. There is an insurance conference in Orlando in October and hopefully we can get this straightened out then.

what happened to the universal form that was suppose to be accepted by citizens that Nick came up with?

NACHI needs to have a rep at the insurance conference. Nobody at Citizens is on the same page, it’s frustrating.

Does anyone have the info on this conference and if any of us would be allowed to attend?

Can someone post a link to the ASHI 4-Point Form?

Yes. Please

No kidding

Sorry, I didn’t see this thread till now. Remember, email me at fastreply@nachi.org if you need me to reply to a post.

Anyway… Citizens already approved our form and we recently modified it to their liking. A thread was posted at http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=20159 regarding our approval.

Go here: http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=20369 Citizens Property Insurance officially approved NACHI’s Universal 4-Point form today.


Does that mean that all NACHI members can perform Citizens Four-Point inspections without any other qualifications or having to hire licensed roofers & electricians to sign off on those sections?


Yes, and NACHI members are the only ones who can. You will note that there is no section asking for a licensed electrician on the form, just a section asking for your NACHI member ID#.

It is technically “NACHI’s, Citizens Property Insurance approved, Universal 4-Point style insurance form”

That statement is incorrect.

Thanks Nick

I have some more good news concerning the approved form coming soon… another NACHI exclusive!