Four Point..NACHI....Which Ins. Companys will accept them?

I received an email from agent at large insurance company. She would like info on price, scheduling, turnaround time etc. for 4 points (fine so far )

She also wants info on certifications (NACHI - still no problem )

She also wants to know if I have an electrician on staff to sign electrical portion of form?
I know Citizens will accept them with NACHI ID if you have completed electrical course, which I have and they are accepted, but which other companies will or will not accept them? I know this will be her next Question.

Does anyone have a list of Insurance companies that will or will not accept our form without GC or Electrician.?

Does NACHI have anything I can show this agent that she does not need an electrician?

Of course I will still be stuck explaining whyI can not currently do Wind Mits at this time.!

Thanks in advance

I have yet to have a four point turned down, with Nachi Id and Contractors license. I do them for all companies. I would tell her that you do not need sparky with Nachi ID. The biggest reason why they stop taking them is, being done wrong. Everyone that does them right does not have problem. I know of a non-contractor doing wind mits all day long and they are excepted everyday. He went through the MSFH training and does them right.

This is reason I keep having insurance questions…nothing will hurt things quicker than a few not knowing what they are doing.
It would seem unprofessional to be asked by an agent …“who accepts your NACHI form” and have to say… ahhh citizens and some others…maybe.


I do not know of any that do not take the NACHI form. Here is mine:

The four point is pretty straight forward. I include pics to back everything I write. Check the building dept for permits whenever possible. If I can help in anyway please do not hesitate to contact me.

yep same thing I use…just started including photos with report…instead of just keeping on file.
Your right county records always get printed out from online before I even go to property. It usaully will tell me when roof , a/c etc was last replaced. Its a big time saver and is absolute proof of update year

thanks again

John, does the form have to have that exact format, or just include all the same items?

It has to have that exact format.

Okay so photos are allowed only at the end and the header can be whatever you want?

It has to have the NACHI format.

I’ve looked at the NACHI form at and it doesn’t show a place for a logo or photos, but John’s does and he added the NACHI logo. So what either his form is invalid or some sort of variations are allowed? I’m going to add this form into HIP and just want to know what flexibility is allowed. I’ve also seen some people have made the columns much wider than others.

I “adjusted” for my needs. I do follow the same format though. I have never had an issue. I did about 30 this month. You may want to have the Wind Mitigation, Roof, shutter, balcony and commercial wind forms also if you do not have them. Some of these forms are changing though.

Thanks for the email John.

All FL insurance companies accept InterNACHI’s form but some demand that it be this EXACT form:

Thanks Nick, John, Greg…your always ready to help and it’s greatly appreciated.

Soon after NACHI worked out the agreement with Citizen, someone posted an interactive form online for 4 Point inspections. You went to their site and input the information. The PDF was mailed back to you later. biggest problem (other than branding) was that if you found a small typo, you had to start all over.

I used that for a while but wanted one showing my logo and information. I made one just like it and have been using it ever since. I have yet to have an insurance company complain.

Tried to post a copy of it but the file was too big.

If you want to add your logo add it to the Nachi 4 point in Word format then make it into a PDF file.

Who accepts, what forms is sometimes a mystery. I have done about 3500 inspections(mostly wind mits and four points) not one has been denided by any insurance company. I am not sure why that is, I am MSFH, NACHI, Contractor and claims adjuster. I would like the rules to be clear and concise, but that will not happen anytime soon.

Every entity has its own rules and regulations and sometimes forms. Tower Hill has its own four point. I had an insured denied coverage today because of not having ARC faults. My house is five years old and I do not have them either. When do you have enough GFCIs to say they have them? What if you miss one? What is enough electric? Every inspector, every agent, every homeowner and every underwriter and every fraud department may have a different answer. These then become opinions rather than an inspection of the facts. This is the biggest issue here.

That is why some insurance companies do not allow some inspectors to do certain inspections. They do not like the inspector’s opinion and/or credentials. This is why I stress, if you are not sure, don’t do it until you are. It comes back to you and your future work.

This is based on MY OPINION and that is all. Someone should publish facts for all of us. MSFH dropped the ball and should have published a better reference guide. Nachi has a great start on the Wind Mit class but it is only a start. The Four points, five points, Shutter verifications, roof inspections and commercial wind mits seem to be wide open. Unless my opinions are all wrong:eek:.

Hello, what is the website that you are able to get the county records from? If you need someone to do your wind mitigation inspections for you I would be glad to. I do them resonably enough that we could both make money on them. contact me anytime at