4 pt

Does any one have the 4 pt NACHI pdf form for citizens ins in florida


Make up your own that one is way more that needed. You turn a mole hill into a mountain when you use that and it gets insurance companies to think that is the norm. There is no uniform 4 point inspection form. Most people do it on one page with around 4 or 5 questions in each area. Check out mine and ad year updated and total amps. that is all I am ever asked for and have NEVER had a problem.

I am sure many will disagree but many home inspectors are providing Way to much info that is never requested and it is making insurance companies think that it should be done that way. IT SHOULD NOT. I took my first form directly from a State Farm Employee.

Do as you wish but my suggestion is good for us all.

Remember who your client is.
When insurance companies start paying for the inspections then you will have to kiss their a-s DO NOT GET THEM USED TO YOU JUMPING THRU THEIR HOOPS OR IT WILL NEVER STOP.

NACHI members were allowed to do the inspections using their NACHI member number so long as they pass the NACHI electircal exam AND use the form. If you do not need to use your NACHI member number you can use any form you want. Otherwise do not be surprised when these forms start to get kicked back.

He asked for the iNachi Citizens form. I have another one of my own for everyone else but use the one for Citizens provided by iNachi because that is the one that was approved by Citizens. I agree there is way more there than needed but that is the one they want. I don’t want some customer to be calling me kicking about them not getting their insurance because I used a bogus form that was not accepted by Citizens.

They are now asking for an HI license number. I had an inspector doing them for years. Just before his license came(last month) his 4pts were getting kicked back because he did not have a HI license. Put your HI number on them.

My 4 point is always accepted by Citizens.

I am just trying to stop people from turning that garbage into the norm.

It is like taking pictures of items that are not visible nor accessible on the wind mits. We now have to do crap that is not required by the form because so many kisses the insurance companies a-s instead of telling them to screw off and informing them that they must accept a form filled out as per instructions of the form.

Just trying to help us all :slight_smile:

I thought you were ignoring me :slight_smile:

I put my nachi electrical course certificate to show I have electrical training. I would assume a HI must put their number on it to prove they are qualified to do them.