4 point- IT'S ABOUT TIME

Got a call yesterday and for the first time the client stated that Citizens qualified NACHI Members as an approved inspector for the 4 point.
It’s about time.:smiley:
Thanks in no small part to Nick.

Stick in there, the word is finally getting out, I got a call from a guy in New Orleans who is buying a summer cottage here and he was given my name and number by an Insurance agent I never heard of. Been doing a fair number of 4 points recently and most are for the Citizens insurance.


Thanks Nick
one more reason I joined.
Serving the inspector.
It’s what NACHI does best

John M. Wickline

What is the going rate for 4-point inspections? Includes emailed report and pictures of the outside of the house.

Average price is $150.00, but a lot are doing them for less.

NACHI has been approved to do 4-points for about a year now.