REVISED 4-Point Form

Citizens REVISED 4-Point form…


An inspection this slick oughta sell for a few hundred bucks don’t che think? :-k

I would really like to meet the person who designed this. My 4 year-old son could probably do a better job.

Here is a link to an executable form. It is just a quick one as I see no reason to waste my time recreating the form.
For those that have Livecycle or Adobe Pro, the form is unlocked so you can modify it.

Revised four point

Gotta love the thought process that would develop a form that needs revision in less than 1 month - And no notifications issued that the forms (Roof Condition Certification as well), had been revised!!

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I finally booked one for next week or the week after. I don’t remember for sure. It’s on the schedule $200.00

Anyone wanna bet if she cancels or not?

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**Is it worth it to do 4 Point Inspections anymore? :roll: Requirements go up and the price to fullfill the requirements go down. Here in my neck of the woods Cheap inspectors are coming out of the wood work… Doing 4 Points inspections for $75.00 others for free and they will drive up 100 miles to get to the job. I guess it beats working for minimum wages. Me, I just laugh, I will never lower my standards and or prices to compete with mediocrecy. **

**Our credentials speaks for itself. You want the best? **
Price is what you pay, Value is what you get! Simple.:wink:

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Thanks Lisa!

This form is not required…only the data. I would agree that it is a horrible form and we do not plan on replicating the form…just the data.

That would be my suggestion. I have already copied all of the data into my inspection forms so the pictures will be there. Fortunately, the last two inspections I did for Citizens, they accepted my modified version of the Tower Hill form.

So, my question is, will the current InterNACHI 4 point form (which I based the HIP template on) still cover all these items or is it time for another update?

For what it’s worth, Citizens data using the old NACHI format…

I have just chosen to use the Citizens form for them and them alone.

Not many takers at $200 a pop :frowning: One on the schedule so far.

It is my opinion that if you all start using and doing that crap for all 4 point inspections you will flat out ruin it for everyone.
Don’t cave and do it the same for everyone. Why let the biggest fools in the industry set the standards?