Florida 4 Point inspections

Thanks NACHI for getting us approved for Citizens Ins, but how is everyone doing with other ins. companies?
Is a CGC license # all that is required or do they also want a licensed electrician to sign off?

The only problem I have is some “SCAB” doing them for $45. I went to do one yesterday for my normal fee. When I got there the property manager who hired me told me since his normal guy usually does them for $45 and he couldn’t get ahold of that guy (hopefully he is out of business:twisted: ), he would pay me $60. I told him that wasn’t the price that I quoted when he scheduled the inspection. He was shocked that I wouldn’t do the inspection for less than I quoted him since I was already there.

He was lucky that he ended up with his business card getting tossed back in his face instead of the business end of my maglight. I was HOT!

Anyway, I haven’t had any problems with the inspections that I have done, for any company. Some have the forms that they prefer you use. No issues here, well at least as far as the insurance companies go anyway.

John Richards
“Just Say No, To Scabs!”:twisted:

I have done 4_Point inspections for a few different companies so far an have not had any issues.

I did have an agent today that asked if I did "5-Point inspections. She said that she has been asked by one insurance company to have them done for a couple of clients. Is anyone familiar with this? If so, can you give me some guidence on what it is and what is involved?

Yeah, its called a home inspection.


What do they look for in the windows?

Age of windows. Condition of them.

Hey Jason,
I read your question about 4 point inspections in Fla. Is it true that Citizens will allow NACHI inspectors to sign off on the electrical part of 4 point inspections? Have you heard anything on the other insurance companies allowing this for NACHI members? please let me know...jeff@premiumadjustments.com

Come to the meeting where we will be talking about InterNACHI taking over all insurance inspections in Florida: http://www.nachi.org/weston2008.htm

I have done many 4points with the Nachi form and have had no questions. I am also a contractor. I know another inspector that has done the same and he is nachi only. Neither of us has had any problems with the Nachi form. I have had a couple of clients ask me to sign the electrical portion of thier form. I tell them I would be happy to redo it but can not sign as a sparky.

No problems here. Had a couple of insurance agents question us regarding the electrical on homes over 50 years old. We told them that with the NACHI inspection form an electrician is not needed…So far no problems and we have been doing a bunch of them.

Thanks Nick and all involved in making the NACHI 4-point format and working with the underwriters to allow us to use them without an electrician on homes over 50 years old.

I hope NACHI can play a large role with testing and continueing education when state licensing starts.