4-Point meeting at Tampa Bay Chapter of InterNACHI in Pinellas Point, FL on April 12.


Who in the heck is going to make those decisions and who is going to claim what they say is the way it WHAT has to be? Please do not just make the crap up as you think it should be. Please see image.

Whoever you are please only teach fact do not use opinion or guesses. 4 points are wide open and need to stay that way. Please do not try to make the rules up yourself.

Anyone with a question about what 4 points should and have always been please feel free to contact me and the price I offer cannot be beat :slight_smile:

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The last thing we need is for 4pt’s to turn into what the wind mits have turned into… Leave them as they are if its not broken don’t fix it…

LOL Manny…it will get messed up, count on it. People like Inspection depot are probably already turning their political wheels…it will be another messed up form.

Do 4 point reports need to be signed by an electrician? NO :stuck_out_tongue:
Is a roof cert required if a 4 point report is submitted? NO :stuck_out_tongue:
What is the best form to use? InterNACHI form :stuck_out_tongue:
How much info is actually required? See InterNACHI form :stuck_out_tongue:

I SAVE YOU $25.00. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Russ, you nailed it that’s exactly what will happen.

Is a roof cert required if a 4 point report is submitted? NO

That is not necessarily so. I have had to submit roof certifications when both the wind mit and 4-point have been sent in with the permit information attached. If they want it, they request it.

I am sure this is a informational meeting on how to correctly fill out the approved InterNachi 4 point form.

Yea…yea…yea…make your own. The fact is, there is an approved form and it should be discussed on just what is required of it. Just like the 1802 wind mitigation form and the roof certification form.

Face it…it is only a matter of time before a new and improved 4 point form is thrust upon us. We don’t make the rules…the insurance companies do. Or their consultants do.

I’ll have to disagree with you. Every four-point I have done has also required a roof certification.
Maybe this is the time to get the four-point inspection down to one page, as I suggested on another thread, and if the insurance companies want more, then they will have to pay for a complete home inspection.

AMEN now you are talking :smiley:

Quit being wusses and man up.

Eric, I have had to submit a roof certification numerous times before but, never necessarily upon submitting a 4-point form? And I’ve been doing 4-points since before NACHI even came up with their version and got it approved. I’ve submitted 100’s of 4-points and never have they automatically triggered a roof cert. I find that peculiar.


The roof certs have been asked for since the insurance companies started coming up with their own four-point forms. I remember the days where just a letter stating that the electric, plumbing, roof and a/c were updated and if the home had breakers, and that was all that was asked for.

In my opinion, it is none of the insurance companies business what I have or have not done to upgrade my home. It was all code compliant when it was built and, once again, the insurance companies are enforcing their own building codes.

I have been asked to speak at a breakfast in a few weeks for a group of attorneys with regards to this very subject. That should be fun! :wink: