4 point multi strand aluminum

When completing a four point inspection and the panel has heavy gauge multi strand aluminum wiring, but the breakers are not labeled do you verify which circuits those go to? I have had several instances where insurance carriers come back requesting to find out if the multi strand aluminum wiring is going to appliances. Common sense would tell me yes but I don’t want to verify this without a labeled legend.

Do you generally collect information on where unlabeled multi strand aluminum wires go to or not?

I have not come across it yet but they should know their guidelines say they should only be worries about solid strand. What company is this?

Just point out the fact that there’s a limit on the strand wiring in the box and that they’re all on 220 circuits. That should work

Epic. I have actually had this happen several times where they wanted to be sure that it was going to appliances, as if it would be running anywhere else…

Are you marking AL wiring on the form, and then trying to make it clear that it is only multi-strand? I have never had that question come back to me from an underwriter, probably because I don’t mark AL wiring unless it’s solid conductor.

Me neither, but should we?

I find it confuses them when they see the big word aluminum :slight_smile:

My 4-point form (that I designed) asks if there is multistrand AL wiring. Maybe I am making this problem for myself.

Do yourself a favor and change that question on your form to “Single-Strand Aluminum”. Don’t report the presence of multi-strand unless it’s damaged or undersized.


Yep squared :slight_smile:

Ok, done! Second question - when you photograph the internal wiring do you omit the multistrand AL in the pics to avoid confusion?

That is how I do it

The only way to Eliminate or at least reduce the confusion would be to require in statute that all underwriters be required to have mandatory training for reviewing licensed professionals work product. That would include wind mitigation training as well.

No. Photograph the entire panelboard for the overall shot. If the underwriters don’t know the difference by now, they should be getting training. What you do have to remember, is that some of the pre-50’s homes may still have frayed and damaged multi-strand Cloth Wiring for the large appliances. You do need to know the difference.

Ok, thank you.

And on cloth wiring (sorry I know this has been covered) can someone post a pic of the unallowed cloth wiring AND a pic of the kind that is allowed. Thank you.

Never mark AL on this, I take a picture of the wiring and mark for the photo captions Multi Strand Aluminum Wiring noted for air conditioning circuits ect… Never had an issue with an insurance carrier having to go back. The only time they will send you back out if there is not enough info to support the marking.

I do not even put captions on 4 Points or Wind Mits. If they do not know what they are looking at then I agree with Brad. They need better training.

I do it out of a courtesy, doesn’t really take up any additional time.

Just to be clear, a closeup of the wiring is not needed, right? I could just use a picture like the one attached?

I always get a close-up of the wiring, you need to look at it. Some times is could be a copper clad wire which is ok.