Citizens electrical inspection form

Just had an insurance agent call and say that Citizens needs an electrical form completed and signed in ADDITION to the 4 pt. inspection which included the electrical inspection for a client that I did a home inspection and 4pt. for two months ago. Has anyone else had this happen lately?

Cant say that I have ever seen one.

Never had one come back…yet.
I wonder if this is the an underwriter or agent behind the times or reading from the old requirements. (electrician must sign crap-ola).
Was there unusual electrical items or defects?

Which four point form did you send in?

Yes, Yes, and Yes, although all items on the “special” electrical form were noted and photo documented in the 4 pt insp. I think that the agent and/or underwriter just couldn’t get it. There were some typical defects for a 50 year old home that has had various updates over the years.

I did one a few months ago, built in 1910 or so. Had to recommend a complete electrical evaluation by electrical contractor…fire hazard from crawl to attic! No choice, it would take 2 days just to write the defects… never heard back.

Make sure you let them know that is a totally different inspection that must be inspected by someone else and it MUST BE PAID FOR.

Sounds like another dumba-s that thinks they know something at the insurance company to me. Good luck.

Now if they saw things in the electrical portion of your 4 point that they did not like then they just may wish to have someone with more electrical experience give their opinion. I have the form if you need it just send an email or check out Citizens site.

Occasionally if they do not like the inspection or inspector they will ask for the electrical form to be completed by a sparky. Most of the time the agent is confused.

I agree :smiley:

Oh Dear… is the world ending?

Seriously tho… Steve assuming you sent the four point inspection in on an approved form such as Nachi or Ahi or Fbi :slight_smile: Then, the agent may need a little education. I usually tell them to call the underwriter and advise of the Nachi, Ashi, or Fabi ID No. and Form… and that it should meet the criteria. I have never had one come back after that…

Unless - they are looking for an electrician to verify that fuses are in good working condition or the fed pacific panel looks good (for example). (because in very very rare cases they make exceptions)

The original 4 pt. was done on MY form that I have been using for years and is based on Citizens requirements for 4 pts. The original inspection noted defects in the electrical section- open J boxes, exposed wiring ends, No GFCI protection, etc… All easy fixes. It may be that Citizens is requiring a re-inspection to verify corrections and the agent has failed to tell me that part and is just looking for me to sign off or provide a free re-inspection. Who knows- its Citizens and an insurance agent.

Now thats making sense. If it had electrical defects they probably want a form from the electrician that did repairs** or** a re-inspection by you.

I have had two of those described by Steve in just a couple weeks. Maybe something else is brewing? Being an electrician myself I just send them in the form. But I can see how it can be frustrating for others.

Had one the other day…I called out a double tap…Citizens required new pics of the fix.

Citizens…got to love em