Revised citizens 4 point

Hello Fellow Florida Inspectors.

Has anyone seen the updated 4 point report released by Citizens?

I searched the web looking for it with no success. The Citizens website form is outdated as well, go figure.

Citizens form 9-13 is now in use from what i have been told by an insurance rep that kicked my report back.

Does anyone have a PDF version to share?

Much Thanks!

Jim C.

Citizens has it on their site. There is very little difference from the 9/12 version, which is why I don’t use it and never been questioned about it either.

I am pretty sure I use the old one as well no issues :slight_smile: On the other hand I just looked at Brads link and that looks like what I use. I do add some things to it like Visible over types of pipes and over types of conductors. Works for me.

Cool you got your own page John :slight_smile: and nice of you to share with all members :slight_smile:

Thanks been doing it for years.

I know about the sharing just not the page :slight_smile: