4 Point State Farm Form Fillable w/ Image Fields

I just finished this form. If you find any errors let me know and I will try to fix them. I’m no expert making these , but I needed it and I’m sure some of you will as well. So! I’m sharing it.
Download it to a folder and open it there.

Here is the drop box link. It is too large to upload to the MB.

Have Fun!


Thanks Roy, but I am not seeing an attachment.

Got it now!

Please check it out for me…OK?

The "Signature of Inspector " is an image field.
I have my signature scanned as a *.jpg and I insert it in that field.

I opened it in adobe reader and typing worked, drawing worked. Will try to do a more thorough evaluation tonight.
Thanks again!

I already made a change in the area" Analysis Regarding Maintenance/Upkeep/Condition of the Residence:" It had a box around it and I removed that and made the text field larger.
New link to the changed file…

I noticed the box was kind of small… Will check it tonight.

Do you think 36 picture slots are enough?

That’s a very nice looking form Roy. You made that fillable yourself? Good job.

36 photo boxes seems right. You can always just not print the unused pages if needed.


Yep! The little checks boxes are the hardest to line up.One at a time.

Good work man. Thanks for posting it as well. I have yet to have been asked to do one for State Farm but when it comes, I’ll be ready.


Thanks Roy,

I downloaded the form on my phone and its all fillable. Looks great, Do you use this form instead of the NACHI form. I am just asking, cause I use the NACHI form and I wanted a more professional form. The NACHI form doesn’t have much in comment slots. State Farm’s form seems to cover more corners than the NACHI form.

36 photo slots are enough. I have been averaging 30-34 photos

I use this form only when doing a Start Farm and I have one tomorrow.
I use a Tower Hill form most of the time.
State Farm goes beyond the call for a 4-Point.

Thanks Roy–nice work !

Glad I could be of some help.

Just a little bit Roy. Don’t let it go to your head now!..lol


Just a little bit…Yep!

Cool, got the Tower Hill form and the separate photo form you made me.

I would love to see this form you created, but I cannot access it. Is it still available at the link you provided? Thank you :slight_smile:

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